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Norwegian Museum of Deaf History and Culture

Norway Norwegian Museum of Deaf History and Culture

Norwegian Museum of Deaf History and Culture

Bispegata 9B

7012 Trondheim


"The Norwegian Deaf Museum is a national museum for the culture and history of the deaf. It is housed in the former boarding school (1855-1991) for deaf pupils from Trøndelag and Northern Norway.

The Norwegian Museum of Deaf Culture and History is also a contemporary museum. We have documented the living culture deaf community and the current situation for the deaf, especially concerning the young deaf. The documentation has been done in Trondheim and Oslo, and everything has been filmed using sign language, texting, and audio.

The museum’s underlying theme is sign language and communication. The exhibition is both a concept exhibition and a traditional one with display cases.

On the one hand, the museum focuses on understanding, communication and problems leading to reflection and that influences attitudes.

On the other hand, this is a museum for the history of the deaf – representing all of Norway. This group would like to see their history depicted in a professional and clear way, as a place to work with memories and strengthening their identity.

The museum has chosen to solve this two-part brief through both traditional museum exhibitions, an activity room – “Rom-X”, and with digital content on touch-screens in the exhibition area.

There are individual stories and stories connected to the physical exhibition in glass cases and tableaus. The activity room has its own set up for teaching the hearing about sign language, communication and about respect for differences in our multi-cultural society.

A separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to the stories of the deaf-blind. It consists of digital stories that can be seen on screens in the museum. In addition, we have made a number tactile elements which convey stories. You can read some of those stories in the collection of articles."