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Kuurojen museo (FI)

Kuurojen museo (FI)

Kuurojen museo (FI)

More info. about Kuurojen Museo, the Finnish Museum of the Deaf

Questions answered by Tiina Naukkarinen, July 2022

Question 1: Interest?
Kuurojen museo (FI)

Is there a lot of interest in your Museum, is your Museum important? In your city, your region, in your country? Why? Or... why not?

Yes, deaf people who visit are interested and feel that the museum is important for preserving their cultural heritage. Also researchers and others interested visit us and use our collections from the whole country and some also from abroad.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 2: Target Group?

The target group of your Museum: the Deaf community or also hearing persons? Adults, or also children? 

Can you tell us how many people visit your Museum, on average, Per day, week, or per month?

Our main target group is the deaf community, but anyone is welcome. Both deaf and hearing students have used our collections and often deaf from abroad visit us.

We have had about 2000 visitors per year in our exhibitions.

In our web-museum we have had 20.000-40.000 visitors per year.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 3: Advertising

Does your Museum have a website? Do you use Social Media? Do you advertise in other ways? 

What - in your opinion -  is the most effective way to get people to visit your museum?

We have a web-museum and also we use social media like Facebook and Instagram.

We also use the magazine of the deaf.

All are important.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 4: Location?

The location of your Museum. Is it in a building that is owned by you? Rented? Can you use it for free? Is your Museum located at a Deaf school, a Deaf Club or a Deaf Association? If we may ask: what are the costs? 

The location is the Light House where the premises of the Finnish Association of the Deaf are. The Light House is at the moment under renovation and the new museum space is planned to be opened in 2023.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 5: Finances?

Is your museum a commercial enterprise, do you make a profit?

Do you receive funding? From who?

The museum is not a commercial enterprise. The costs of the museum are included in the total budget of the Finnish Labour museum Werstas.

We of course apply for grants for special purposes like exhibitions.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 6: People working at your Museum ?

Do you have any paid employees? If yes: how many? 

Do you depend on volunteers? How many volunteers work at your Museum?

The people who work at your Museum (as professionals or as volunteers) have they had any special training in Museum Skills, other relevant training? 

We have one full time worker who concentrates on the Museum of the Deaf and deaf history.
The other personnel take part in the work for example by planning the exhibitons, database, collection work etc.
All workers have a academic training and also training in Museum Skills.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 7: Collaboration?

Do you work together with other Deaf Museums? Or universities, groups or Deaf Archives in Europe?  If you do, who with?
If you don't: would you like to cooperate with other organizations ? 

Yes whenever a suitable opportunity rises.

We have a good network of deaf history enthusiasts at home and abroad.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 8: The Future?

What about the future of your Museum?  What are future risks, future opportunities? 

We are at the moment planning our new basic exhibition and what kind of feedback we get from our customers is a signpost for our future exhibitions.

Taking children and young people into account is an opportunity for us.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 9: Three wishes?

If you could make three wishes for the future of your Museum: or for Deaf Museums in general: what do you wish for?

Everything depends on financial resources, so that is the basis for all wishes.

Kuurojen museo (FI)
Question 10: Anything Else?

Are there any other things you want to tell Deaf Associations, other organisations or people who want to start a Deaf Museum? Any advice? Things they should - or should not - do?