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Website: www.deafhistory.eu

Website: www.deafhistory.eu

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A companion website with (mostly) European Deaf History: www.deafhistory.eu

This is an example of an encyclopedic approach to making an exhibition. We searched the internet for people and events that are important to Deaf History in Europe and added these to an online database.

For each entry, we included at least one photo, and sometimes a video. And a text panel with background information. Wikipedia was very helpful! Often, we had to consult Wikipedia in the language of the event or person.  We used Google Translate to translate the texts into English.

The website is very successful and is visited by a large number of visitors from across the world. In many cases, www.deafhistory.eu is the first website mentioned by Google when someone searches for something to do with Deaf History.  We also get regular requests from people developing websites or learning materials, asking us if they can use our images or texts. 

Visitors can select to see all entries in chronological order, or to see a subset, for instance entries about Deaf Education, or Deaf Arts. Visitors can also look at entries of people and events from a specific country.

www.deafhistory.eu  is an example of an online exhibiton that could not have been made without Google and Wikipedia. It is also an example of website that will never be finished, because we continue to find and add new entries. 

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