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Google Slides

A demo made with Google Slides. 

It is sort of a timeline, bit it can be used for anything. Navigation options can be added. This is just for inspiration:

 Google Slides offers a selection of transitions, themes, other options. You can post your Google Slides on a website; it's very useful to help you  try out different formats, to help you decide what you want your output to look like. 

It is free and easy to use. You can probably do the same thing with PowerPoint. 

Three tips to help you on your way:

1. Google Slides does not have an option that says "insert pop-up".  Instead, you add a link to the slide in your presentation that you want to show, when the user clicks on a button. (Insert a button, select the button, click on 'insert' and insert a link to the 'pop-up' slide.

2. If you only want the 'pop-up' slide to be shown when the user clicks on the button, you can select 'skip slide'.  (Click on 'slide', select 'skip slide').

3. If you decide to insert the presentation in a webpage: select 'Publish to the web'  and copy-paste the link or the embed-code. (Click on 'file', select 'Publish to the web')


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