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Present on Site: Transforming Exhibitions and Museums

Present on Site: Transforming Exhibitions and Museums

Author: Bruno Ingemann

Publisher: Visual Memory Press, 2012

 You can read the book online, for free.

"Why are exhibitions and museums so important? What can they be used for? Who determines relevance in a transformative process?

Transforming exhibitions is not just something you do, it is something that gets better the more you do it.

This book looks at the intersection of the visitor or user, who gets personal and cultural meaning from their visit and the museum as it appears in the design of the exhibition.

It examines on-site communication for intentional and hidden content and messages, and reveals possible relations to the visitor, his or her world and society in general. This investigation also focuses on the processes involved in interpretation and design and takes a closer look at the practices of exhibiting rather than the objects on display. The four main themes in the book are:

• Constructions – The visitor at an exhibition
• Questions – Experience and learning processes
• Invisibles – The exhibition design processes
• Openings – Category, objects and communication"

"For me, Bruno Ingemann, museums are fascinating and enchanting places but they also represent lost opportunities, a lack of inclusive communication and missing interactions. This will be elaborated more in the introduction chapter, but for now my interest in museums is driven by a desire to push stable, hierarchic institutions into expanding the potential resources of exhibitions toward more provocative and meaningful communication."