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Deaf 101 (USA)

Deaf 101 (USA)


 Are you an ASL 101 student? An instructor of a deaf student? A professional with a deaf coworker? A manager of a deaf employee? Are you looking for information on what being deaf means and how to communicate with deaf people? Deaf 101 is a short course that provides basic knowledge and tools necessary to communicate effectively with deaf individuals, especially in professional settings.

This course contains two modules. The first module describes the spectrum of deaf identity and answers common questions about deaf people. The second module provides participants with basic tools to communicate effectively with deaf people.

You can complete the course all at once or in multiple sittings. For most participants, this course will take 3 hours to complete.

 After completing the course, participants will build the knowledge and skills necessary to...

  • Describe different groups the term “deaf” may include 
  • Compare the terms “deaf,” “Deaf,” and “hard of hearing” and use them appropriately in context 
  • Avoid common misconceptions about deaf people 
  • Identify strategies that promote positive attitudes toward deaf individuals 
  • Summarize the three federal laws that protect equal access for deaf people 
  •  Identify strategies that support effective communication between deaf and hearing individuals 
  • Identify accommodations that facilitate effective communication between hearing and deaf people