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Foundations of Effective Accommodations

Foundations of Effective Accommodations


Deaf people are highly diverse in terms of language usage, identity, race, ethnicity, and additional disabilities.

Acknowledging and honoring diversity among deaf people is central to building positive interactions and relationships, and providing effective accommodations is one key way to acknowledge and honor such diversity. Effective accommodations make it possible for deaf individuals to both receive and convey information in a manner that is equally as effective as to people without disabilities — making it possible for deaf people to participate in a manner that promotes inclusion.

Foundations of Effective Accommodations is a two-hour self-paced professional development course that can help you build your conceptual understanding of effective communication in postsecondary settings, and as well as learn how to create equitable access and participation for deaf individuals you work with. This course covers:

  • How to define effective accommodation, as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice,
  • How to examine and determine effective accommodation options for deaf people in postsecondary settings, and
  • How to implement equitable accommodations for deaf people, including processes and considerations for setting up services.

Effective communication increases the opportunity for full and equal participation for deaf individuals in any given situation that can yield positive outcomes that ultimately benefit everyone. By the end of this course, you will have knowledge of and tools to:

  • Increase your knowledge of key components of providing effective communication access for deaf individuals,
  • Develop knowledge to provide effective communication access,
  • Identify the key components of an 'interactive process' and how to effectively utilize the information to coordinate communication access services,
  • Learn common accommodations deaf people use.


What It Addresses  


This course is designed to provide participants the fundamentals of communication and accommodations as it relates to deaf people's experiences in postsecondary settings.

Participants will learn what factors to take into consideration to get started with accommodation conversations.

This course will help participants increase your knowledge and capacity to fulfil institutional responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ensure equitable opportunities for deaf people.