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Dialogue in Silence (Dialog im Stillen)

DE Dialogue in Silence (Dialog im Stillen)

Dialogue in Silence (Dialog im Stillen)

Dialoghaus Hamburg gGmbH
Alter Wandrahm 4
20457 Hamburg (Speicherstadt)


"Step into ‘a different, silent world’. Learn from the experts in body and sign-language.

You wear noise-cancelling headphones and are guided through the world nonverbal communication by deaf guides. They take you on a journey which is alive with communication.

Experience the beauty of non-verbal communication, and learn how to speak with your hands and to hear with your eyes. 

This is a journey which will enrich you with insights into the fascinating world of deaf people. Their ability to communicate offers you new ways of understanding. 

A great opportunity to overcome fears of communicating with deaf people.

In our 60 minute tours, deaf guides lead you in small groups through our especially sound-proofed exhibition rooms. You step into a variety of situations which require non-verbal communication. Diving into this new world has the effect of reducing anxiety. It clears up common misunderstandings and bridges the gap between the world of deaf people and others. "