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Invitation to Silence

Israel Invitation to Silence

Invitation to Silence

"An experience that will leave you speechless 

"Invitation to Silence" is an exhibit that gives a stage to the non-verbal communication skills that are hidden within each one of us, as they are expressed in the absence of voice, hearing and spoken language. In this unconventional exhibit you neither hear nor speak, yet you discover an alternative and accessible world of communication – the world of hand movements and body language, in which people communicate silently, without sounds and without words.

The exhibit is a unique moral and educational initiative, led by deaf guides for whom sign language is their primary and sometimes only channel of communication.

The purpose of the exhibit is to offer visitors a unique experience, to introduce them to alternative modes of communication and discourse, and to create an unbiased encounter between deaf and hearing people.

The exhibit was created by Orna Cohen and Dr. Andreas Heinecke, the creator of "Dialog in the Dark," and enjoyed a very successful run at the Museum of Science and Industry in Paris. The exhibit is currently on display in Germany, and it is slated to open soon in Finlandand Switzerland as well."