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Brockway, Kathleen L.

Brockway, Kathleen L.


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Hearing Status, Languages

Culturally Deaf


    • American Sign Language
    • Written English

Country / Countries

The United States of America


Also: Point of contact for U.S. Deaf Museums across the nation.


    • Earned a Masters Degree in Cultural Sustainability specializing in all tools including exhibitions, fundraising, developing stories, and more.
    • Just launched a traveling 3-double-sided pop-up exhibition of Lantz Mill Deaf Village in September 2022 collaborating with the Library of Virginia.
    • I also have authored several deaf culture and history books/booklets, which included the deaf studies of images and stories collected from individuals.
    • I have been collaborating with the U. S. Deaf School museums since 2016 sharing information and consulting them.